We understand that fundraising is an important activity for many schools, clubs, churches and community groups. Fundraising enables schools and community groups to thrive and better deliver activities and programs to their families and communities. We want to help make fundraising simple and easy by offering our Children’s Activity Kits for your next fundraising event.

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Why choose Children’s Activity Kits for your next fundraiser?

As our lives become busier, it’s becoming harder to attract volunteers to help organise and deliver fundraising initiatives. By choosing our Children’s Activity Kits, we help you take some of the stress out of fund raising. We provide a product that both kids and parents will love, making it easier for you to sell and reach your fund raising goals. Our Activity Kits tick all the boxes!

  • Food free – no issues with food allergies, food safety or messy food preparation
  • Healthy – screen free activities that promote mindfulness, fine motor skills development and problem solving in kids of all ages
  • Simple ordering – Collect orders using our order forms then place the final order with us. Only pay for what you’ve sold!
  • Low effort – we make and deliver so all you have to do is sell and distribute. No need to find volunteers to BBQ, bake or staff stalls.
  • Variety – you choose whether you sell a single Activity kit tied into a special event such as Mother’s Day or Easter, or sell a variety of Activity kits – there’s sure to be something for everyone!
  • Australian – we are 100% Australian owned and operated and make all our Activity Kits in Australia.
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