Unique custom corporate gifts & company giveaways

Corporate gifting is not just a kind thing to do, it also makes good strategic business sense. Giving a unique corporate gift is a wonderful way to build brand recognition and grow awareness of your business’s values such as supporting Australian made, being a sustainable business and being unique in a crowded marketplace.

Why give corporate gifts?

There are many reasons and occasions in business when giving a thoughtful and unique corporate gift is appropriate and will be appreciated. Some of the most common reasons for corporate gifting are to:

  • celebrate and commemorate corporate milestones and anniversaries
  • build awareness of corporate brand and values
  • promote diplomatic ties and cultural understanding
  • award and recognise excellence within the business
  • award and recognise company loyalty and service
  • celebrate key project milestones and completion
  • promote corporate events and conferences

Build your brand recognition and awareness

Custom corporate branded sustainable Australian made gifts

Corporate gifting provides an opportunity to showcase your business’s unique brand and values to your employees, colleagues and customers. If your business is passionate about the Australian environment, sustainable business practices and supporting Australian design and manufacture, then our unique corporate gifts are a great fit for your corporate gifting needs. Our icons Australian animal model kits may be customised with your unique corporate brand or logo, or you may choose to showcase a custom print in place of our Australian flora prints. Whether your brand is bold or subtle, the outcome will be memorable, engaging and uniquely Australian on our icons animal models.

Custom designed unique corporate gifts

With our own in-house design capabilities, we are able to create new and original custom corporate gifts to support your corporate gifting, branding, and promotional event needs. We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and create a custom design specific to your requirements.  All of our products are made in Australia, enabling us to better support you, giving us greater flexibility and more accurate lead times.

Why choose custom corporate gifts from Go Do Good?

Whether you wish to apply your brand to one of our existing products, or develop an entirely new promotional or gift product, we’re able to help you best showcase your brand and business values.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Go Do Good for custom corporate gifts:

  • Our custom corporate gift products are unique and will stand out from the crowd – we’re not another branded water bottle, bag or pen
  • Our corporate gifts are made in Australia supporting Australian designers and businesses
  • We are passionate about protecting the environment which is why our corporate gifts are made using sustainable materials.

Let us help you with your corporate gifting

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