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A Guide to Choosing Jewellery Gifts Based on Personality

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Choosing Jewellery Gifts Based on Personality

Jewellery has always held a special place in our hearts as a symbol of love, friendship, admiration, and appreciation. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want to show someone how much you care, giving the gift of jewellery can be a timeless and meaningful gesture. However, choosing the right piece of jewellery for someone can be a daunting task. It’s not just about finding something beautiful, it’s also about selecting a piece that resonates with the recipient’s personality and individual style. In this comprehensive jewellery gift guide, we will delve into the art of choosing jewellery as a gift based on different personality traits, ensuring that your gift resonates deeply with the recipient. We’ll also look at some general guiding principles to help you make the best possible jewellery gift choice for your special someone.

The Importance of Personality when choosing a jewellery gift

Understanding the personality of the person you’re gifting jewellery to is paramount when choosing the perfect jewellery gift. It’s not just about whether they prefer silver over gold, it’s about their unique characteristics, interests, and tastes that should guide your choice. Here’s a closer look at how knowing the person’s personality can help you choose the perfect jewellery gift:

1. The Classic Elegance Lover

For those who exude timeless grace and sophistication, classic jewellery pieces are the way to go. Think delicate necklaces, petite studs, or simple drop earrings. Opt for pieces that have an understated elegance and can effortlessly transition from day to night. Classic personalities appreciate quality and timeless beauty, so choose jewellery that will stand the test of time. Classic Art Deco style earrings such as our Falling Stars Earrings make the perfect jewellery gift for lovers of classic jewellery.

Go Do Good Falling Stars Earrings perfect jewellery gift for Classic Elegance lover personality

2. The Bohemian Spirit

If your gift recipient embodies a free-spirited and artistic personality, bohemian-inspired jewellery will capture their heart. Look for pieces with intricate designs and a touch of whimsy. Consider dangly or statement earrings inspired by nature. Bohemian souls will cherish jewellery that reflects their creativity and connection to nature like our Star Trails Stud Earrings.

Go Do Good Star Trails Stud Earrings perfect jewellery gift for Bohemian Spirit personality

3. The Minimalist Maven

Less is more for the minimalist personality. Clean lines, sleek designs, and subtle elegance define their style. Choose jewellery that’s sleek and modern, such as dainty geometric pendants or petite drop earrings. The key is to find pieces that enhance their everyday look without overwhelming it. Minimalists will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind a piece that complements their effortless style. The elegant simplicity of our Nautilus Earrings are a perfect match for the minimalist maven.

Go Do Good Nautilus Earrings perfect jewellery gift for Minimalist personality

4. The Glamorous Diva

For those who love the spotlight, glam divas appreciate bold and statement-making pieces. Think oversized statement earrings, or intricate cuff bracelets. Go for pieces that sparkle and shine, embracing eye-catching designs. Glamorous personalities thrive on attention, so gift them with jewellery that turns heads and attracts complements such as our Pearls of Wisdom Statement Earrings.

Go Do Good Pearls Of Wisdom Statement Earrings perfect jewellery gift for Glamorous Diva personality

5. The Nature Enthusiast

Nature lovers find solace and beauty in the outdoors, so jewellery that reflects this connection will be a hit. Look for pieces inspired by leaves, flowers or other elements of nature. Choose materials like wood or shells. A delicate leaf pendant, floral-inspired earrings, or a wooden brooch can embody their love for the natural world. Our Gum Blossom Earrings are a long time favourite with Nature lovers, especially in Australia.

Go Do Good Gum Blossom Earrings perfect jewellery gift for Nature Enthusiast personality

6. The Sentimental Soul

If your gift recipient is deeply sentimental, jewellery with meaning that tells a story through its design – perhaps a story you share or have experienced together – will truly touch their heart. Sentimental personalities value the emotional significance of a gift, so ensure that your jewellery choice comes with a heartfelt message. All of our jewellery comes with a story card that shows and tells the inspiration behind each design. Sentimental Souls treasure our Tribe earrings and Tribe pendant, as they remind them of their family and loved ones.

Go Do Good Tribe Silver Pendant Necklace And Earrings perfect gift for Sentimental Soul personality

General Guiding Principles for Choosing Jewellery Gifts

While considering your recipient’s personality is a crucial first step when selecting a jewellery gift, it’s also important to consider the following guiding principles to ensure you truly find the perfect jewellery gift.

1. Choose a Meaningful Piece

The best jewellery gifts are often those that hold special meaning. Consider the occasion and your relationship with the recipient. Selecting jewellery that resonates with their interests, hobbies, shared memories or life milestones can also add a thoughtful touch to your gift. Jewellery that comes with information about the design inspiration or the person who made the piece can help make the jewellery even more meaningful. Our story telling cards show and tell the inspiration story behind each design and are provided with every piece of jewellery.

2. Allergies and Sensitivities

Be mindful of any allergies or sensitivities the recipient may have. Some people are allergic to certain metals, most commonly nickel which is often present in cheaper jewellery. Ensure that the jewellery you select is hypoallergenic or made from materials that won’t irritate their skin such as stainless steel, sterling silver, platinum or gold.

3. Quality over Quantity

Quality should always trump quantity. It’s better to invest in a single, well-crafted piece of jewellery than to buy several cheaper items. Quality jewellery lasts longer, won’t discolour over time, and often carries sentimental value. Investing in quality jewellery also showcases your care and thoughtfulness.

4. Adapt to Daily Wear

Practicality is key when choosing jewellery gifts. Consider the recipient’s lifestyle and how often they might wear the piece. If they have a job that requires them to work closely with young children, long dangly earrings and pendants might not be the best choice. Opt for durable materials and versatile designs that can seamlessly transition from work day staples to casual wear to formal occasions.

5. Size and Fit

When selecting jewellery, size matters. Rings, bracelets, and necklaces need to fit comfortably for the recipient to enjoy wearing them. If possible, discreetly borrow one of their pieces to determine their size accurately. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to ask for advice! Talk to their friends, family, or even check their social media posts for hints about their style and preferences.

6. Presentation and Packaging

The way you present the jewellery gift adds to the overall experience. A beautifully wrapped box or pouch can enhance the anticipation and excitement of receiving the gift. Consider adding a personal note to express your feelings and make the moment even more memorable.

7. Budget Wisely

Setting a budget ensures that you find a jewellery gift that aligns with your financial constraints. Remember, it’s not about the price tag but the sentiment behind the gift. There are stunning pieces available at various price points, so you’re sure to find something that suits your budget while delighting the recipient.


Choosing jewellery as a gift is a gesture of love, thoughtfulness and appreciation. By considering the recipient’s personality and following some general rules, you can select the perfect piece that will resonate with them for many years to come. Remember to focus on quality, practicality and presentation to create a truly memorable gifting experience. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Christmas present or just a spontaneous expression of love, the right jewellery gift will be cherished for a lifetime. So, go ahead, pick that perfect piece of jewellery, and make someone’s day truly special!