We love this amazing big blue planet of ours! That’s why we are committed to doing business in a way that minimises our footprint and protects the environment. From what we design to how and where we make our products, we carefully consider our environmental impact every step of the way.

It all starts with purposeful design…

The most important part of designing sustainable products is choosing to prioritise the environment alongside other important things such as functional performance, appearance and cost.

We focus on designing products from flat materials that cleverly and simply transform into 3D products. Products that are flat are more efficient to package and send, saving on not only on materials used but also on shipping costs.

We choose to only use sustainable materials such as plywood, stainless steel and paper (see more about these materials below). Our products showcase the natural beauty, unique properties and strengths of each sustainable material we work with.

We choose to make all our products in Australia using the latest technologies. Making locally keeps our transport miles (and CO2 emissions) as low as possible. Using efficient modern technologies minimises our waste and the energy used in making our products.

Materials selection

We choose to make all of our products from sustainable materials. This means the materials are either renewable (from natural resources), recyclable (can be turned into new products at the end of their useful life) or made from recycled content (contains previously used material). The aim is to keep materials out of landfill and minimise the use of virgin material.

Before we choose a material to work with we always look into the manufacture story behind the material to understand where it has come from and if it meets our environmental and other needs. We chat with our suppliers and manufacturers about our material options and choose materials that meet our environmental requirements.


Our wooden products are made from native hoop pine or eucalyptus plywoods that are made in Australia. Wood is a renewable natural resource, is biodegradable and stores carbon. Our chosen plywoods are made from wood grown in sustainably managed Australian plantations.

Plywood is strong and durable, yet flexible and relatively lightweight. We choose to showcase the beautiful natural colours and grain of the eucalyptus plywood and print on a blond hoop pine plywood using low emissions UV-cured eco-ink.

Stainless steel

One of the unique properties of stainless steel is that it can be infinitely recycled without affecting its strength or function. Globally, around 85% of all stainless steel is recycled and made into new products making this an excellent sustainable material choice.

Stainless steel is strong and durable, yet lightweight in thin sheets; it is available with beautiful surface finishes, doesn’t tarnish and is naturally hypoallergenic. This makes stainless steel uniquely suited to the design of our hypoallergenic jewellery.


Our paper products are made from FSC certified vibrant paper and card stocks. We choose to only use papers that are made from trees sourced from sustainably managed plantations. Paper is both a renewable resource and a recyclable material.

Paper is lightweight and flexible making it an excellent material for our hanging mobiles, children’s activity kits and Scandi papercut Christmas decorations.

Packaging and marketing materials

As we design our products for flat pack shipping, they need only minimal protective packaging. Our packaging is always designed to be as compact as possible while protecting the product. We include any instructions on the packaging itself so that we don’t need extra printed paper.

Wherever possible, our packaging is made in Australia from cardstock that contains recycled content or is itself fully recyclable. We choose uncoated cardstock with a matte finish wherever possible, instead of glossy or soft touch finishes as these finishes are made by laminating a thin film of plastic to the card.  

Timeless, quality design

The most sustainable gift is one that the receiver will cherish for the rest of their life. Our designs don’t follow fads or transient trends but are grounded in storytelling with a timeless Scandi aesthetic.

By drawing inspiration from the world around us we create products that celebrate our big blue planet and spark joy in the people who use them. We hope that our products become treasured keepsakes, gifts and mementoes of shared experiences, journeys and discoveries.