Wombat animal model kit

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Meet Wally, our lovable Australian wombat animal model! Our icons 3D animal model kits capture the personality of Australia’s unique animals and combine them with original photos of Australian native plants.

Our wombat 3D animal model kit is easy to assemble using the clear step by step visual instructions printed on the inside of the packaging. Each kit contains everything you need to make your 3D animal model – no need for special tools or messy glues! There are even fun facts about each animal on the back of the packaging.

Icons are designed and made in Australia from high quality sustainable, locally grown Australian hoop pine plywood. The vibrant flora photos are printed using eco-inks that won’t fade over time.

Our wombat 3D animal model kits come flat packed, making them the perfect gift to send to family and friends living overseas or to pack in your suitcase when going travelling.

Icons make a unique keepsake or souvenir for international and local travellers, lovers of Australian flora and fauna, conscious consumers and children 8+ years.

Also available in koala, kangaroo and echidna kits.

  • Flat packaging size: 250mm x 170mm (fits in a C4 sized envelope)
  • Assembled 3D model size: 65mm H x 100mm L x 50mm W
  • Material: sustainable Australian hoop pine plywood
  • Age: 8+ years


Customer Reviews

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Great gifts for overseas

I love all the model kits.
Great gifts especially to send overseas.
Light weight and Australian made. Perfect!

Wattly Wombat Wonder

When I was a young adult, I went to stay at Wilsons Prom with my partner. We had a brand new tent, and we were excited to use it for the first time. We set up and went for a walk. When we got back, we could hear a rustling inside our tent, and we realised that we hadn't zipped the tent up properly. We took a careful look, and realised that a wombat had found its way into the tent. It helped itself to some of our food before getting bored and wandering away through the camp site.

This little wombat reminds me of that happy and funny memory. Wombats are definitely one of the coolest Australian animals there are. And wattle is one of the most amazing flowers. So putting them together is genius. A gorgeous activity and keepsake.

Mary-Louise Keating
Wally Wombat

Absolutely brilliant, so enjoyed putting him together. Lots of fun and looks so cute.