Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Are all your products made in Australia?

Yes! All of our original products are proudly designed and made in Australia. We have been accredited by the independent Australian Made Campaign and are licensed to carry the Australian made logo on all of our jewellery, icons model kits and wooden decorations. We work closely with other Australian businesses to make all of our products locally, helping to keep jobs in Australia. All of our original product designs are assembled in our Melbourne studio before being shipped to you.
Australian Made

Are your products safe to send or take overseas?

Yes! All of our products are made from non-toxic, sustainable materials including stainless steel, Australian plywood timbers and FSC certified premium cardstock. You can find out more about our commitment to sustainable materials here. All of our products have been designed to flat pack for easy and convenient postage overseas or to neatly pack in your suitcase when you go travelling.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes! Our unique Australian designed and made jewellery, 3D animal model kits, children’s activity kits and Christmas decorations are available for wholesale to Australian retailers. Our original designs made unique gifts and keepsakes and are perfectly suited for retail sale in boutique gift stores, Australian souvenir stores, tourist information centres, airport and hotel gift shops, boutique toy stores, gallery and museum gift shops. To find out more please complete our wholesale enquiries form.

Do you do custom corporate or personalised orders?

Yes! We love to work with business and individuals to create something truly special to meet your corporate gifting requirements or personal needs. We can customise existing designs or design something completely new. You can learn more about our custom orders here or complete the custom enquiries form to see how we can work together.

Jewellery FAQs

Is your jewellery safe for sensitive skin?

Yes! All of our jewellery is hypoallergenic and therefore safe to wear if you have sensitive skin. Our stainless steel pendants come on sterling silver chains and our earrings are finished with hypoallergenic surgical grade stainless steel earring hooks or studs.

I don’t like heavy earrings. Are your earrings lightweight?

Yes! Our stainless steel earrings are super lightweight with each earring weighing only 2 grams! In fact they are so lightweight that you won’t even notice you’re wearing them! This makes our earrings comfortable to wear all day, every day as well as on special occasions.

I always lose hook earrings because they get pulled out. Do your earrings come with backs?

Yes! We know all too well the frustration and disappointment of losing one half of your favourite pair of earrings without even realising it. So, to make sure you never lose one of our earrings all of our hook earrings are supplied with silicon earring backs. This gives you peace of mind that after your day or night’s activities your earrings will still be there when you get back home.

How do I restore the shine of my stainless steel jewellery?

While stainless steel does not tarnish like silver jewellery, sometimes the surface can become dull due to fingerprints and the lotions, soaps and natural oils on our hands. To restore the shine of your stainless steel pendant, first remove the pendant from the sterling silver chain. If cleaning a pair of earrings, remove the silicon backs. Clean the stainless steel using cotton wool dipped in methylated spirits, rubbing the surface gently. Remember to store your jewellery pieces separately to avoid accidental scratching from other pieces.

Can my wooden jewellery get wet?

Our wooden jewellery is made from natural Australian hoop pine plywood. Our wooden earrings are printed with UV-cured inks that won’t run or smudge if they happen to get wet. They have also been sealed with a protective clear coat. However, as wood is a natural material, it will absorb moisture if left soaking wet which may cause the wood to split. We recommend that you remove your wooden earrings to take a shower or when going swimming. Rest assured that our wooden jewellery will happily survive a rain shower if you get caught without your brolly outside!

3D Animal Model Kit FAQs

Why won’t my 3D model pieces fit together?

Our 3D animal model kits are made from natural sustainable Australian hoop pine plywood. As a natural timber product, they can absorb moisture from the air over time, especially in more humid climates. If your pieces are sticking and won’t slot together, try laying your pieces flat in a single layer on a plate and putting them in the fridge overnight. This will remove some of the absorbed moisture in the wood and make it easier to assemble your 3D animal model kit.

Shipping and delivery

Where can I find out about your shipping prices and delivery times?

Please visit our shipping and delivery page for more info.

Returns and Exchanges

What are your returns and exchange policies?

Please visit our returns page for more info.