If you love Christmas and the time-honoured tradition of decorating the home for the festive season, then you’re probably always on the lookout for creative ways to use Australian Christmas decorations. Here in Australia, Christmas is celebrated in the heat of summer where live trees fade quickly and celebrations are infused with traditions from across the globe. While traditionally Christmas decorations were used just for decorating the Christmas tree, there are so many other creative ways that you can use them. In this post we share 7 of our favourite creative (and simple) ways to use Australian Christmas decorations to spread the magic of the season.

1. Create Australian themed table decor

Australian Christmas Decorations featuring koala, kangaroo, cockatoo and echidna used as napkin rings at the Christmas table

Use Australian Christmas decorations to create gorgeous napkin rings for the Christmas table. You could even create an Australian themed Christmas table setting adding Australian gumnuts and native flowers to complete the table decorations. Guests can each take their decoration home as a keepsake of that year’s festive celebration. Write each guest’s name, the year and a short message on the back – each Christmas when they hang their special decoration on their own tree they will remember your Christmas together. Our napkin rings feature Australian Animal Christmas decorations with kangaroo, koala, cockatoo and echidna silouettes.

2. Decorate a branch with Australian Christmas decorations

Australian Bird Christmas Decorations by Go Do Good  hanging on a branch

Place a branch in a sturdy vase (or pot filled with sand) and decorate your branch with Australian Christmas ornaments. Be sure to choose a bare branch (or one with few leaves like the Banksia branch shown here) to really let your favourite decorations shine.  This is a great way to brighten a dull corner or create a center piece on the Christmas table. The decorated branch also makes a wonderful alternative Christmas tree for small apartments and townhouses, office spaces or homes with pets. Our branch is decorated with our Australian Bird Christmas decortions.

3. Christmas decorations as advent calendar gifts

Go Do Good Elf And Tree Scandi Christmas Decorations used as Advent Calendar gifts

Instead of the usual commercial chocolate advent calendars, why not start a Christmas tradition this festive season? Each Christmas gift a beautiful Australian made Christmas decoration to your child (or grandchild/ niece/ god-son). To make the gift more meaningful, write their name, the year and their age somewhere inconspicuous on the decoration so that in future they will know when they received it. I have been doing this with my own two children (now aged 10 and 13) since they were born and they love to hang their special decorations on the tree each year. This also means that when they are ready to leave home, they’ll have their own collection of treasured ornaments and memories to take with them to start their own Christmas traditions.

4. Post a decoration with your Christmas cards

Go Do Good Kookaburra Australian made Christmas Decoration with Christmas Card

Many of us living in Australia have family and friends living far away that we like to send a little something to during the festive period. With postage rates skyrocketing, it’s all too easy for sending overseas gifts to become prohibitively expensive. Instead of sending bulky gifts, why not pop a lightweight Australian made Christmas decoration in their Christmas card to let them know you’re thinking of them? Such a simple and cost effective way to spread some cheer across the globe this festive season. Our Australian Bird Christmas decorations have been flying all over the world spreading joy – from Canada to the UK, Denmark to New Zealand, these little Australian Christmas decorations are touching hearts everywhere!

5. Elevate your gift wrapping with Australian Christmas decorations

Go Do Good Australian Christmas Decorations on Wrapped Christmas presents

Who doesn’t love to open a beautifully wrapped gift? A beautifully wrapped present not only shows thoughtfulness it also creates an extra sense of anticipation in the receiver. To really elevate your gift wrapping to the next level, add an Australian Christmas decoration to make a statement! The lucky receiver then also has a beautiful Christmas ornament (and reminder of the giver) to reuse for years to come.

6. Christmas wreath with a twist

Go Do Good Australian made wooden Christmas Wreath with stars woven with LED lights

This festive season greet visitors to your home with a beautiful everlasting wreath made from Australian eucalyptus plywood. Perfect for Australian summer conditions, this wreath is guaranteed never to fade or lose its leaves like traditional wreaths made from living plant materials. Weave our Australian made Christmas wreath with warm LED lights to really make the stars twinkle and hang the wreath in your windows or on the front door. Being super lightweight and flat, this wreath is easy to hang using removable hooks and space-efficient to store flat between seasons.

7. Add a special touch to homemade gifts

Go Do Good Australian made heart and Blue wren Christmas Decorations used on homemdae gifts

Homemade gifts from biscuits to bath salts, preserves and jams to rockyroad, are such thoughtful and delicious gifts, but once they’ve been enjoyed they’re gone. A great way to make these homemade gifts last a little longer is to add a special Australian Christmas decoration as the finishing touch. Once the goodies are gone, the decoration serves as a lovely reminder of the giver every time they hang the ornament on their own tree in years to come.

In conclusion, there are a wealth of possibilities for using Australian Christmas decorations in your home and during your festive celebrations in Australia this Christmas. From Aussie themed table décor to advent calendar gifts and creative touches to gift wrapping, there are so many simple and wonderful ways to use Christmas decorations. So, this Christmas, let your imagination run wild and celebrate the season in a way that’s distinctly Australian.